Originally created 05/24/04

Choose leader by holy principles

When Americans vote Nov. 2, they should keep these sacred guidelines in their minds, hearts and souls when pressing the screen for president and other candidates for elective office:

The nation needs men and women whose values are based on the Holy Bible and truths of morality and high principles of courage and noble qualities.

Ask yourself: Is this man or woman going to be protecting the constitutional values of life from conception, freedom and pursuit of happiness?

Will this individual stand up and speak up for virtues of compassion, sacrifice, honesty, determination, patriotism, philanthropy, kindness, respect for the vulnerable and the oppressed, and a love of God and country?

Ask yourself: Is this candidate dedicated to serving this country with the noble honored values of family, truth, tenderheartedness, forthrightness, honor, praise, dignity, valor, and the courage to speak up for what is life-giving and good for our nation?

Is this man or woman on the ballot able to persuade and convince you of their altruistic philosophy, their leadership skills, their character of virtue and responsibility and their honoring God and all persons?

Is this man or woman on the ballot able to rally the citizens of our nation to be on the course leading to spiritual and economic and social justice progress to help the needy, educate children, have moral integrity and compassion for all in their care?

Based on your judgments on these questions, then vote for that one whom you are convinced can lead us to freedom and peace in the years to come. I thank you for going out to vote at election time for virtuous leaders.

The Rev. Michael Lubinsky, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is associate pastor at the Catholic Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Augusta.)


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