Originally created 05/16/04

AP keeps showing liberal bias

On May 5, The Augusta Chronicle ran two Associated Press stories next to each other: one about Democrat John Kerry and the other about Republican George W. Bush, giving presidential campaign speeches.

In the stories, AP tells everything except that the stories are untrue. If AP is not liberally biased, why do they keep running stories which prove that they are, like the ones below?

The public relations-type story for Kerry began: "ST. PAUL, Minn. - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry pledged Tuesday to push for 1 million more high school graduates within five years and blamed President Bush for failing to provide enough money to help schools raise academic standards."

The "news" story for Bush was actually an editorial, which allowed AP to then express its views of the candidate (negative), instead of covering the speech, as is its job: "MAUMEE, Ohio - President Bush is trying to skewer John Kerry with his (meaning John Kerry's) own words - delighting partisan audiences with a strategy to use humor as a political weapon." And "... Mr. Bush is hoping to hurt Mr. Kerry's campaign without looking hurtful."

That doesn't tell me what Bush said, that tells me what Democrat AP thinks about Republican Bush. I don't buy the paper to find out what liberals think about conservatives. I already know they don't like them. Where's the news value there?

Running AP stories under your masthead gives the readers the impression that the stories are true. The readers are getting cheated, not just out of the news, but out of a democracy.

Tom Hunter, Augusta


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