Originally created 05/16/04

Iraq war echoes Stalingrad

We are seeing the beginning of the end for us in Iraq. What was touted as a war of liberation has turned into a debacle. Even the WMD ruse, later to be used as an excuse to invade neighboring countries, has failed.

Our enemies have discovered our Achilles' heel; that while we have all of the high-tech weapons to kill vast numbers of people - always reported as the enemy and rarely civilians - these weapons are useless when confronting a guerrilla campaign against us.

With the release of pictures of our soldiers abusing Iraqis, some in the very prison that Saddam Hussein abused his citizens, the game is up. It is very clear to the Iraqis what the plan was, and they will increase their resistance and kill us at a faster pace.

Even Germany failed to remove the French, Greek and other resistance groups determined to defend their countries against their enemy. The entire British army was stymied by the IRA in Northern Ireland for 40 years by about 200 members. And we think we can win against tens of thousands of our enemies in Iraq? Not likely. The U.N. will be brought in as a future scapegoat, as we'll need someone to blame, and life will go on.

Hitler said before he invaded Poland, under the guise of self-defense against an "impending Polish attack," that "It will make no difference whether this reason will sound convincing or not. After all, the victor will not be asked whether he talked the truth or not. We have to proceed brutally. The stronger is always right."

The Stalingrad pivot routed Hitler, and the Iraqi Stalingrad will rout Bush. It's just a matter of how many more American soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians will die in Iraq being liberated before the end will come. They will have all died for nothing. Our government has failed us.

Allan Levene, Evans


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