Originally created 05/15/04

Urges Midland Valley area to unite

As a member of the Committee to Unite Midland Valley, I know we are in for an uphill battle. Contrary to anyone's thoughts, Burnettown is not "desirous" of taking over the entire valley.

In fact, the mayor and town council were reluctant to accept our proposal to unite. The reason Burnettown was chosen to be the nucleus of this endeavor is because its government already has been established. But all the towns will be united under the Midland Valley name; however, each town will maintain its own identity. We already have two local historians and welcome other information.

... I admire what Burnettown has accomplished. It did what this area should have done years ago. Residents came together with a plan to improve living conditions and to prosper, and that is what they did.

It is our hope that residents of Burnettown will accept any area wanting to unite and work together. We are ready and willing to put Midland Valley on the map. We are in the middle of two larger towns that always seem to be on the receiving end, and the valley is left with nothing except for a sorry reputation.

Who in any of these towns wouldn't want to come together and make wonderful things happen? Being a resident of the Valley almost all my life, I welcome unity and solidarity.

I firmly believe that, had we made this move years ago, the name "valley" that so many say with disdain would never have carried a bad reputation. Some fine, hard-working people live in this area. Like any community, we have our problems, and that is why it's past time to put our differences aside and make unity happen.

There will be a public meeting at L.B.C. Middle School May 15 at 2 p.m. to answer any questions. Please be there to work for a better future,

Dayle H. Lipski, Langley, S.C.


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