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"California, here we come, right back where we started from!"What die-hard fan of The O.C. hasnít fallen in love with the show's theme song? Now, it and several other indie and emo tracks have been released on the O.C. soundtrack. Each song on this CD is worth listening to, from slow tracks like Jet's Move On, to faster songs like Spoon's The Way We Get By. Can you imagine a more perfect tune for the New Year's scene when Ryan and Marissa get back together than the romantic, Dice by Finley Quaye and William Orbit? If you're a hard-core fan of the show, or just appreciative of really good music, this is a must-have, ideal for chilling out or a long road trip.


Amateurs and masters of graphic manipulation have redecorated Martha Stewart's jail cell, redesigned name-brand labels and created outrageous body tattoos often with hilarious results at www.worth1000.com. The creative competition and Photoshop contest Web site challenges participants to alter images using basic guidelines or to demonstrate their artistic abilities through photography, writing or multimedia. Visitors can vote on the best entries, discover Photoshop tips and tricks for advanced designing or suggest future contest themes.


There aren't many accessories made for guys, but with spring here and summer in sight, protective eyewear is a sight-saver that can also kick up your look a notch. Frameless, wrap-around sunglasses with metallic bands will be as hot as the soaring temperatures. Bigger is also better as aviator glasses continue to make a comeback this season, especially in tinted hues of blue, amber, rose or violet.


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