Originally created 05/11/04

Activities can fill summer with fun

Yearbooks. Prom. Exams. Yup, summer is coming. Excited? Going anywhere?

Most people are ready to get out of school and embrace the season.

It's a time for picnics, water-gun fights, and, of course, sleep. Summer is also evidence that life is not fair: It comes really slow but goes by extremely fast.

With so much going on (including, for most people, a lot of nothing), here's some advice on how to make your summer worthwhile:

HAVE FUN: Whether you like swimming or helping people out, there are plenty of programs around Augusta to suit your needs.

The Family Y has a great summer sports program that covers everything from learning the basics to playing in tournaments.

Want to volunteer? Fort Discovery and hospitals offer programs that will teach you new skills and provide opportunities to meet new people.

Check the community listings in the paper or phone your favorite organization and see what they have to offer.

HIT THE ROAD: Go somewhere you can meet different people or try new things (clams, anyone?).

Taking road trips is the perfect way (minus the sibling fights) because you get to spend time with your family. Find a new perspective on life.

RELAX: It's summer, so enjoy life. For those workaholics, here are some suggestions: Sit by the pool (or lake, if you don't have a pool) and just listen; stare at the stars at night; on rainy days, curl up on the sofa and read; have a barbecue. It's important to step back. You can get stuck in the stress of life but relaxing makes it seem happier and manageable. You will never be able to go back in time, so enjoy the moment.

Remember to put on lots of sunscreen. I hope you have a great summer!

Sana Hashmi is a junior at Lakeside High School.


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