Originally created 05/11/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

I AM THANKFUL for Mother. Life is good. God bless all the mothers in the world. Hope you had a happy Mother's Day.

TO THE IDIOT who thinks only rednecks watch NASCAR: I would bet you there are more conservative Republicans watching it than rednecks. How stupid are you?

TO THE INDIVIDUAL who wants the teacher to take off the engagement ring, I say buy her a new one, and then you can tell her when to wear it.

IS IT JUST MY imagination that when Republicans get into office they lose their common sense? Bob Young says he wants to increase life for Augusta and prays for Augusta but gives jobs to a Florida company and then calls senior citizens nuts. Then Sonny teaches legislators a lesson at a cost of $155,000. Both of these events are a blow to the dignity of all Georgians.

DOING QUICKBOOKS on a place like Diamond Lakes will never tell you what it's worth to a kid or a mom. As commissioners compute the ongoing long-term cost of running popular recreation projects, they had better begin thinking out of the box. Maybe it's too expensive for the Recreation Department to run by itself. If the city can't afford to fully staff the Recreation Department, why not supplement it with some volunteers? Yes, the reality of the ongoing exodus to Columbia County means zero to negative growth in our tax base. But, hey, my kid still needs a safe place to play.

I HAVE A RANT for our judicial system. A quote from Robert Arrington appeared in the May 4 issue clearly stating he murdered a woman by strangulation and got out in five years and is now on trial for murder again. Yet a drug dealer is caught with a substantial amount of drugs and gets 30 years in prison without parole. I am certainly not condoning drug dealers, but I think we all agree they are safer to have on the streets than murderers and child molesters.

A GREAT BIG RAVE to the TMS Bulldogs who won championships in four sports: football, basketball, baseball and soccer. WAY TO GO, DOGS!


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