Originally created 05/11/04

Young ladies come to rescue

So many times we hear and read about all the bad things young people do, but I would like to share a personal story that's restored my faith in our youth.

On April 29 I was driving down Belair Road when I began having car trouble. My car cut off and left me stranded in on that busy road. Two young ladies came running to assist me. The young lady who got to me first thought I was sick or having a heart attack; however, I explained I was fine except for the car trouble.

She told me her name was Rachel Smith and she and her friend, Kasey, wanted to help me.

Soon some men stopped and offered to push my car off the road. Rachel, seeing that I was very nervous, offered to steer my car off the road while the men pushed it. Kasey helped me walk across the street.

They were able to get my car started again and Rachel asked if she could drive me back to the dealership to get my car fixed and I agreed.

Once I was back at the dealership, Rachel wanted to make sure I was OK before she left me. I assured her I was and thanked her for her help.

I wish now I had gotten their phone numbers because I would like to thank them again and let their families know how grateful I am that these young ladies treated me with such kindness and respect.

Mary Huffman, Evans

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