Originally created 05/11/04

Koppel undermined war in Iraq

I was amazed, astonished and angry when I learned that Ted Koppel would read the names of our fallen soldiers in Iraq on ABC's Nightline, after which he was interviewed by Charles Gibson on Good Morning America. Mr. Koppel's excuse for his anti-war effort was that as a little boy growing up in England he remembered the blitzkrieg on London and the devastation that caused.

No doubt that was true. Across the North Sea from England, I was a little boy in Holland, and I well remember being on the receiving end of the Allied bombs that were dropped to stop that devastation. When on May 5, 1945, after five long years of Nazi occupation, American, Canadian and British troops invaded my country, we called them liberators and were immensely thankful. It took a war and far too many casualties to free Europe from a madman.

For Ted Koppel and too many others of his ilk to grossly undermine this war with their stupid rhetoric is unconscionable, if not outright anti-American.

Bob Groothand, Augusta


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