Originally created 05/10/04

Five questions with Julie Hendrick

Julie Hendrick is a clinical nurse specialist for the Women's Center at University Hospital. With Mother's Day just over, we asked her five questions about her experience with new parents at the hospital.

1. Do people argue over the new baby's name?

"All the time, and not just the husband and wife, but different family members. The mother usually wins the argument."

2. What is the oddest reaction to childbirth that you can remember?

"Fathers. We've had fathers of the baby collapse and pass out and faint, and we've had to take them to the ER. It's the overwhelming experience of childbirth."

3. Who are the most trouble, baby boys or baby girls?

"I would say the little boys tend to be problems. They create the most stir in the nursery. They need to be held and rocked a little bit more."

4. What's the biggest surprise of new mothers after childbirth?

"That it's an actual, live person and not a baby doll."

5. Have you ever seen a stork at the hospital?

"We see them all the time. They have blue and pink bows around their necks, too."


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