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Diaz will conduct clinic at tournament

The tournament is played in memory of Brissey, a former Savannah Lakes Village member who died from breast cancer. Proceeds from the tournament, which has a full field, go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Diaz has ties to the Brisseys and Savannah Lakes Village, which is located in McCormick, S.C. She is married to Kevin Diaz, whose family once lived at Savannah Lakes Village. And Kevin's brother, Jim, is married to one of Brissey's daughters.

Kevin and Jim Diaz, who are PGA of America pros, will join Laura Diaz for the clinic, which is closed to the public.

Diaz, whose two LPGA Tour victories came in 2002, had her best 2003 finish in the Asahi Ryokuken International Championship in Edgefield County, where she tied for third place.

FREE LESSON MONTH: Mount Vintage Plantation, North Augusta Country Club and the Augusta chapter of the Eastern Women's Golf Association are participating in the PGA of America's Free Lesson Month programs. Area pros are among 4,000 nationwide who are giving free, 10-minute lessons in May. It is part of the PGA's "Play Golf America" program.

Golfers can sign up for the free lessons by logging on to www.playgolfamerica.com. Click on free lesson month and type in the 30909 area code.

HELPING HAND: Maybe Curtis Bell had some divine intervention when he aced the par-4 12th hole at Applewood Golf Course. Bell, who used a driver on the 336-yard hole, was playing with Rev. Rufus Burnett and Rev. Edward Blueford. Ronald Reed was the other member of the group.

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  • Diane Shuler, No. 10, 7-iron. Witnesses: Barbara Yombor and Jason Sieh.
  • James Hutchinson, No. 7. Witnesses: Ronnie Anderson and Thornton Carpenter.
  • Jerry Ellison, No. 10, 6-iron. Witness: Enoch Ward
  • Cliff Channell, No. 14, 5-iron. Witness: Benny Cheek.
  • Lester Rolland, No. 10. Witnesses: John McManus and Gerald White.

  • E.C. Helmly, No. 3. Witnesses: Hugh Simon, Lanier Savage and Steve Zappacosa.
  • Ralph Harper, No. 3, 3-wood.. Witnesses: Hugh Robby and Ben Deitz.

  • Art Touchtone, No. 6, 7-wood. Witness: Mark Lovering.
  • Jim Faigler, No. 6, pitching wedge. Witness: Arnie Korrea.
  • Arnie Korrea, No. 6. Witnesses: Emmett Faulk, James Wilkins and Ed Cavaleri.
  • Rusty Wade, No. 18, 8-iron. Witnesses: Arnie Korrea, Tom Ramage and Norman Helberg.
  • Chris Bodine, No. 4. Witnesses: Mark Thrailkill and Ron Barber.

  • Greer Falls, No. 16. Witnesses: Eric Long, Barry White and Justin Davis.
  • Doogie Howser, No. 4. Witnesses: Roger Sweeney, Phil Waggy and Byron Wilson.

  • Steve Tomlin, No. 14, 110 yards. Witnesses: Eric Patterson, Mitch Patterson and Mark Jones.
  • Butch Mattison, No. 2, 158 yards. Witnesses: Brad Salmons, Ronnie Smith and Wesley Morris.
  • Howard Williams, No. 2, 130 yards, 8-iron. Witness: H. Williamson.
  • Paul Carter, No. 2, 158 yards. Witnesses: Charles Boyd, Joe Wells and Craig Norman.
  • John Ludwig, No. 8, 130 yards. Witnesses: Joe Banks, Buster Bannister and Rick Anders.
  • Robert Sellers, No. 14, 118 yards. Witnesses: Jack Sellers and David Rhoden.
  • Charles Boyd, No. 8, 130 yards. Witness: Karen Boyd.
  • Goshen Plantation

  • Rev. Jim Hyder, No. 7, 158 yards, 5-wood. Witnesses: Gaspar Blandeburgo, Lee Lansing and Vince Tedhams.
  • Lance Waltman, No. 4, 155 yards, 8-iron. Witnesses: Eddie Waltman, Scott Sullivan.
  • Lee Lansing, No. 4. Witnesses: Jasper Blandeburgo and James Hyder.
  • Bob Herring, No. 14, 153 yards, 8-iron. Witnesses: Gene Sims and Jim Raborn.
  • Matt Perara, No. 4, 158 yards, 8-iron. Witnesses: Sean Norris, Louis Robinson and John Perara.
  • Steve Choi, No. 17, 170 yards. Witnesses: Bruce Choi and Ju Yong Chan.
  • Won C. Choi, No. 7, 182 yards. Witnesses: Yong Lee, Jung Jung.
  • Chris Pierce, No. 17, 184 yards, 5-iron. Witness: Bill Roach.
  • Yong Lee, No. 4, 180 yards, 5-iron. Witnesses: Inho Choi, Bruce Choi and Pok Yun.
  • NOTE: Holes-in-one for other area golf courses will be listed in next week's golf column.


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