Originally created 05/05/04

Couple adopts baby after woman sees their story on TV

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. -- A couple who were allegedly defrauded when they tried to adopt a baby told their story on television - and a pregnant viewer decided to make their dream come true.

In March, Robert Temple and Alette Coble-Temple of Walnut Creek said on a newscast that they paid thousands of dollars in living expenses to a woman who promised they could adopt her baby.

That woman, Maya-Anne Mays, wasn't pregnant. She was charged with felony theft and has pleaded innocent.

A pregnant woman heard the Temples' story, and when she gave birth April 18 she told her nurse she wanted the couple to adopt her child. But all she remembered was that she had seen them on television, adoption worker Sherill Chand said.

The nurse suggested she contact Chand.

"I explained to her that I had 100 families waiting for a baby and that I couldn't guarantee that I could find this couple," Chand said.

But after getting a tip from a law enforcement dispatcher, Chand found the Temples' names in a newspaper article and phoned them.

Within days, the Temples had traveled to Eureka and met the birth mother, spending several hours with her and letting her sleep on her decision. On April 23, the infant girl was placed in Robert Temple's arms and, a week later, the birth mother signed the final adoption papers. The Temples named the girl Kathryn.

The birth mother refused to take any money from the couple, even though she's in a tough position, Coble-Temple said.

"She never, ever wanted to have the baby think she sold her," Coble-Temple said. "She did this out of love for her baby."


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