Originally created 05/05/04

Augusta Commission is a disgrace

To Mayor Bob Young and all Augusta commissioners, especially Marion Williams, what you had to say about Mr. Kolb and oil and "vinegar" not mixing is the truth. Now, as a longtime taxpayer, what makes you think you are correct?

To be honest with you people, I wish all of you would resign. I think your idea of politics stinks. You waste more money arguing over black and white until you have made just about everyone in the taxpaying public hate you. Why not do us a favor and just resign, effective immediately? The only reason Marion Williams keeps coming back is because he is elected from a black district. Heck, man, I have taxpaying blacks all around me, and I know for a fact that they would administer a fairer government than any of you so-called commissioners.

Jerry C. Draughon, Augusta


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