Originally created 05/05/04

Sewage makes financial mess

After reading the April 23 article "Officials await sewer response," we felt that we had to write.

You used an 83-year-old woman as an example of one of the "no compliants." This woman receives a mere $500 a month to exist on. This means pay the mortgage and the phone, electric and water bills and, with what little is left, buy groceries and any medications that she is taking. This lack of consideration for taxpaying citizens is disgusting. So much for the American dream of property ownership.

The statement that the officials are doing what they can to help is ludicrous. Their solution is to arrange for her to take a loan for the next 60 months. The cost of repaying the loan and the additional bill each month for sewage would not leave her enough to pay for the other essentials, let alone groceries.

The solution to this problem is quite simple, if the "officials" have the intelligence to figure it out. Anyone who is not financially able to pay the $350 tap, and the added cost to have the connections installed, should have their property grandfathered to be exempt until such time as the property changes title, as every property will do at some time, whether through sale or inheritance. At the time of title change, the new owner(s) would be required to hook up to obtain a certificate of occupancy.

Mandatory connection to sewage lines has been an issue with us for several years. If a property owner is below a determined low-income level and has a working sewage system that is not causing any problems to themselves or neighbors, they should have the option of hooking up or not.

Bill and Peggie White, Edgefield, S.C.

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