Originally created 05/04/04

July 20 Ballot questions

Here are the yes/no questions Columbia County voters will see on their primary election ballots July 20:

Columbia County Republican ballots:

1. Are you in favor of a United States constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriages?

2. Are you in favor of the Columbia County Board of Education moving forward with implementation of foreign language instruction in elementary grades K-5?

3. Are you in favor of abolishing the current internal revenue service tax code and replace it with a national sales tax?

4. Do you feel that controlled private purchase and development of United States Army Corps of Engineers' property around Lake Thurmond should be allowed?

5. Would you support a change in the Georgia constitution to allow for a discount to be offered for early payment on property taxes?

6. Are you satisfied with the current school calendar being used by the Columbia County Board of Education?

7. In the event that Richmond County does not build a new civic center. Would you be in favor of building a civic center in Columbia County funded by a combination of money from special purpose local option sales tax, the issuance of bonds, and/or financial participation by private investors?

8. Would you like to see restriction of zip codes within county lines?

9. Do you believe there should be term limits for United States congressmen and senators?

Columbia County Democratic ballots:

1. Are you in favor of an approximate 1.5 mill increase in your ad valorem property tax for the purpose of adding foreign language instruction in the public elementary schools of Columbia County?

2. To lessen the burden on property owners, should development impact fees be imposed on builders and developers?

3. Should seats on the Planning and Zoning Board be filled by general election?

4. The Georgia Legislature has not given educators a raise within the last two years. Should Columbia County add at least a cost of living raise to the supplement already paid in those years in which there is no increase paid?

5. Should Columbia County institute a residential recycling plan?

6. Should the mayors of Harlem and Grovetown be seated, non-voting members of the County Commission?

7. Should public safety services, in particular fire protection, be provided for residents without an increase in the tax millage rate?

8. Are you in favor of changing the Georgia State Constitution to allow for empowering an at large elected chairman of the Columbia County Board of Education?

9. Should all appointed members of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission which regulates the standards of certified teaching personnel have at least a four year degree?

10. Should all monies received from confiscated items during drug arrests go into the sheriff's general fund rather than into the sheriff's discretionary account?


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