Originally created 05/04/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS FOR FOX 54: This is Sunday afternoon during the NASCAR race. One lightning strike, and it blows y'all out. I mean I'm sitting here now, the sun's shining, everything's drying up, but y'all still aren't back on the air.

I'D LIKE TO THANK Channel 54 for being so slow in repairing their station. But a double rant to Comcast for not having a backup plan to be able to put Fox back on so people in the CSRA area could watch the race.

I AM VERY disappointed in Danny Craig following in Don Cheeks' footprints. But at least he had guts enough to change parties before he was elected, instead of being elected as a Democrat and then turning tail, like Don Cheeks. Don Cheeks knew he would not be elected as a Republican.

A BIG RANT for SRS-Westinghouse: A $51 million shortfall sounds like a management problem to me. Apparently the layoffs are happening to the wrong people.

WE WOULD LIKE to thank House of Representatives' Ms. Sue Burmeister for her efforts to get us a state flag for the National Guard monument on Greene Street. Thanks again, Sue.

A RANT FOR neighbors who leave the dandelions and their yard work, while they sit in the house doing baby sitting and their wife working. Is there a law against it? I wish there was because it's just terrible the way they leave their yard, with dandelions going all over the neighborhood.

A RAVE FOR two young ladies working at Racetrack gas station on Peach Orchard Road Saturday. I lacked 30 cents for the amount of gas I put in my tank. They were so gracious to me. I returned later to repay them, so they would not have to use their own money to balance the cash register. To them I give my thanks and appreciation.

I SINCERELY BELIEVE President Bush will have the dubious honor of being this country's worst president since Warren G. Harding. Thank you.


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