Originally created 05/03/04

'Friends' Finale: A look back at Ross

It's been 10 years since the pitiful paleontologist Ross stumbled into our lives. Here's a look back who he is, what he's done and what we expect him to befall him next:

THE FRIEND: Ross Geller.

ROSS IS: The very model of an intellectual geek. A smarty who's expert in his field - paleontology - but flubs everything else. Goes to a hockey game, takes a puck in the face. Goes to a funeral, falls into an open grave. Tries to find love and tumbles into three divorces. No surprise there, since Rachel has owned his heart since high school. Fools rush in, and so does this wise man. The professor and the princess, living happily ever after? At least Ross will always have his dinosaurs - and his hair.

PLAYED BY: David Schwimmer.

QUOTE: "Ross still echoes what I was in high school. I think of Ross as sort of a geek in a man's body."

WHY WE LOVE ROSS: Trips and falls over his love for Rachel. Trips and falls again. Keeps getting back up.

HIGHLIGHT: Puts aside his pain over losing his first wife to another woman and agrees to give her away in marriage when her father won't.

LOWLIGHT: Struggles mightily to get into a pair of tight, sweaty leather pants.

HOOKUPS: Unexpectedly, a host of lovelies played by Lauren Tom; Morgan Fairchild; Christine Taylor; Rebecca Romijn-Stamos; Helen Baxendale; Alexandra Holden; Bonnie Somerville; Aisha Tyler and, more than once and forever, Jennifer Aniston's Rachel. Platonic but heartfelt relationship with Marcel the monkey.

TEN YEARS FROM NOW: Promoted to museum director after writing a breakthrough book on the mating practices of dinosaurs, widely available on bookstore remainder tables. Still has a teenage crush on Rachel, after all these years.


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