Originally created 05/03/04

'Friends' Finale: A look back at Monica

Who knew her vacuum cleaner would suck Chandler into her orbit? Here's some dirt on Monica:

THE FRIEND: Monica Geller Bing.

SHE IS: A chef-foodie, before it was really cool and after trimming down from high school fatty. That's the kind of boldness Monica can muster despite neuroses that cling to her like plastic wrap. When this neat freak has a Hoover in hand, watch out. But she's a steady soul and a good sister to Ross, friend to all and the beauty who helped Chandler affirm his heterosexual appeal and, maybe, maturity.

PLAYED BY: Courteney Cox.

QUOTE: "It took me about three hours get me into 'Fat Monica' makeup. But when I become her, I become the most uninhibited person in the world."

WHY WE LOVE MONICA: She's the high school outcast who made good - and who would never let us go hungry.

HIGHLIGHT: Becomes a roller-skating waitress at a '50s diner.

LOWLIGHT: Oops, she did it by mistake: bedded a 17-year-old boy.

HOOKUPS: Fun Bobby, who was not much fun when sober (Vincent Ventresca); millionaire-with-a-wild streak Pete (Jon Favreau); hunky older man Richard (Tom Selleck) and Chandler, who proved he had the stuff to follow Magnum, P.I.

TEN YEARS FROM NOW: Living in the 'burbs with Chandler and their kids, putting the other moms to shame at PTA bake sales - and a mini-mogul with her healthy snack line, Monica's Munchies.


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