Originally created 05/03/04

Rants and Raves

WHILE CLEANING UP the city of Augusta, please let it include the Westview Cemetery off Broad Street. They only have four workers. They don't even take care of sections under perpetual care. I'm 82 years old, and I cannot take care of mine.

I WANT TO KNOW if it's true that Richmond County teachers have to make up the snow day, but neither the Columbia County teachers nor the Aiken County teachers have to make up that day.

AS FAR AS GEORGE KOLB leaving Augusta, I don't blame him. He's a city administrator. Anyone who's ever studied public policy and public administration knows that the job of the city administrator is to run the city. The job of the county commission is to make policy. The problem in Augusta is that the county commissioners try to run the city, and that is not their job. They are supposed to make policy. Not only that, they interfere in departments, and "blowhards" like Marion Williams make the situation worse. And we will never be able to keep a fire chief and we'll never be able to keep a city administrator as long as we have this meddling and disagreement and all of this strife on the county commission. Maybe we ought to get rid of part of the county commissioners, or maybe we ought to just start all over.

WELL, AUGUSTA, here we go again. We are losing another administrator, George Kolb. I guess the pack of pit bulls (commissioners and the leader of the pack, Marion Williams) should be satisfied now. I wonder who is the next one who will be bitten by the pack. Where is animal control when we need them?

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. Children whose parents are too busy to sign for videos shouldn't be seeing them in the first place. Movies and games with mature subject matter just baby-sit for parents who don't have time. You probably won't have time when they get in trouble, either.

LET ME UNDERSTAND. At Glenn Hills High School, you report that a girl was caught having sex with a boy, and for this she was suspended and sent to alternative school. What happened to the boy? Did they give him a membership to the Augusta National?

I STOPPED in the Pumpkin Center store in Harlem on Friday night and overheard a conversation with two customers and a young girl working behind the register. First, she was rude to the first young man, and another one came up to her and she called him a blankhead. Neither of these customers did anything to provoke her. To make it more appalling, one of these customers told the older lady working with her what she said to him, and this lady acted like it wasn't a big deal. It's amazing what customers can go through just to get service. To the young men who had to go through this, my regrets.

THIS IS A RANT to the planners in Columbia County who would even think of closing Stevens Creek Road for repairs before Furys Ferry Road is finished. At the rate that's going, it will be a long time. Have you considered how many people use Stevens Creek every day to avoid the Furys Ferry mess?


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