Originally created 05/03/04

St. Joseph Hospice deserving of praise

The article "Hospice is getting a new home" in The Augusta Chronicle's April 1 Business section points up the increasing awareness of the importance of hospice and palliative care for our loved ones with terminal illnesses. A better title would have been "A new hospice is getting a home."

For many years St. Joseph Hospice has been the premier hospice in the CSRA, and we would not want readers to think that they are "getting a new home."

It is true there have been other hospices in the Augusta area through the years, but when searching for hospice care for their loved ones, the term hospice in our area has generally referred to St. Joseph Hospice, for good reasons.

Whereas the hospice described in The Chronicle places emphasis on an institutional environment for the patient, St. Joseph Hospice has retained the original philosophy of the hospice founders - that home care, when possible, is the best care, and that the patients deserve to be in familiar surroundings and cared for by those they love. St. Joseph also maintains an Inpatient Unit for use in special circumstances.

Since its inception in 1978, this remarkable organization has cared for thousands of patients facing a terminal illness. But even beyond that, it has been a support for thousands more who are left to grieve the loss of their loved ones.

Many St. Joseph Hospice programs are available in the community aimed at easing the bereavement process which we all encounter when death touches our lives.

It would seem strange that there is anyone in the CSRA who is still unaware of this wonderful, faith-based service. Because we found ourselves in need of such help 13 years ago, we are now in our 13th year as St. Joseph Hospice volunteers, giving back to the community part of what we have received so fully.

John and Emily Hyatt, Augusta


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