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Condo wasn't best fit for couple's family plan

It would have been easy for Keith and DiAnn Peeples to do things as things are done, but that wouldn't have made them happy.

Deviating from the plan in both the design and the decision to buy their four-bedroom, three-bath home in Evans was no easy choice, but it has made all the difference, Mrs. Peeples said.

"We were worried," she said. "Most people our age are saying 'We're going smaller, we're going less' but we were like, 'Oh lordy, we're going the other way."'

Instead of playing it safe last year, the couple sold their condominium and bought a house in the Hampstead subdivision so they could live near their daughter and grandchildren.

"It was a big decision selling the condominium; we agonized over it. But it was a good decision and we were glad that we did that," Mrs. Peeples said.

Now, family and friends can gather in the spacious kitchen and dining and living rooms, all painted a soft yellow and accented in blue, white and wine red.

"My daughter said we were going to do yellow, blue and white, and then added the red," Mrs. Peeples said. "She said we had to have a punch."

Her daughter, Kay, co-owner of the interior design company Fringe Benefits, was integral in planning the decor. Even with the use of storyboards illustrating what the rooms would look like, Mrs. Peeples said, she was skeptical about having an all-yellow interior when the first strokes of paint went up.

"Now I think it looks like sunshine," she said. "But that first time I saw the yellow on the wall I thought: 'Is this going to work?"'

Much to the couple's delight, it has.

"I love it," Mr. Peeples said when asked to describe the house in three words.

With a house that is both livable and luxurious, he has every reason to.

The living room features a blend of patterns. A calico couch in blue, white and yellow goes perfectly with an embroidered armchair and toile curtains. Red lamps, chairs and footstools accent the room.

The adjoining dining room is a showcase for the family pieces that decorate it. A chandelier that belonged to Mr. Peeples' mother has been rebuilt, and the dining room table came from his childhood home.

"It's a lot of our past mixed with our present. Every dent, I know what child put it there," Mrs. Peeples said. "It's a mix of things we love."

In the master bedroom, three sets of French doors (an addition to the original plan for the house) and a bed fit for a king have helped make the room a favorite.

The kitchen has a stainless steel refrigerator and stove and glass-faced cabinets.

"My daughter said she wanted stainless steel because it makes it more modern," Mrs. Peeples said.

The master bathroom was wired for cable at Mrs. Peeples' request, an order the contractors found humorous.

"The people who built the house laughed at me when I said I wanted a cable outlet in the bathroom," she said. "I thought that would be so decadent. to be able to, after a long day at work, sit and bathe and watch TV."

The couple also can relax and enjoy the weather on the screened porch, which has wine-color wicker furniture.

"I guess we're blessed. I'm able to say we're happy where we live," Mrs. Peeples said. "I guess if your house doesn't make you happy, then it's not worth it."


THE FAMILY: Keith and DiAnn Peeples, Agnes the cat

THE HOME: Four-bedroom, three-bath home with office and enclosed porch, in Hampstead subdivision

IT'S A FACT: The couple live down the street from their daughter, Kay, who helped decorate the home.

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