Originally created 05/02/04

Prayer rally was overwhelming

What a shame that the local TV media missed a chance for some special reporting a week ago Friday night, and that The Augusta Chronicle did not have an article on the Prayer and Praise program that took place at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center on April 16.

What an overwhelming night it was when nearly 6,000 people packed the auditorium for this event. I don't think even the Augusta Lynx could have attracted a larger attendance!

This was a program that was organized by Whole Life Ministries with 220 other churches in and around Augusta, for an evening of specialized prayers and the uplifting joy of hymns and praise songs. The community may not be aware of the fact that 550 CSRA churches were represented, and the experience of praying and singing with that many people in attendance was very effective.

This group consisted of many denominations and faiths, and many races from this area. While the media chooses to report on so many murders, rapes and robberies, it's a shame they missed taking the time to share such a joyous occasion right in the middle of this community.

Faith moves mountains, and if the spiritual electricity that filled the civic center that evening comes alive, Augusta is in for a new reawakening! Our local media needs more positive reporting instead of all the negativity that fills its TV spots and newspaper columns.

Carolyn K. Kershner, Augusta


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