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Property transfers

Richmond County property transfers for April 6-14. The date indicates when the transaction was recorded in the clerk's office:

Norma R. Lindberg to Daniel Dowdy, April 6, Building 11, Unit 1102, Phase III, Windsong Condo, $41,000

Mary T. Newsome to Joyce O. Stringer, April 6, Lot 6, Block A, Fairvale, $84,900

Euchee Creek Development Co. Inc. and OFAMS Inc. to Paul Mathis, April 6, Section I, Lot 2, Chase Estates, $22,500

Bankers Trust Co. Trustee and Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas Trustee to Mary F. Douglas, April 6, Section III, Lot 17, Block J, Glenn Hills, $68,900

Hyon S. Johnson and James E. Johnson to James L. Daniels, April 6, Section V-A, Lot 23, Block D, Buckhead, $101,000

Justin Anderson to William A. Whitten, April 6, Unit 403, Telfair Square Condo, $2,500

Jason F. Hilley to Primacy Closing Corp., April 6, Lot 42, Buckhaven Place, $92,200

Primacy Closing Corp. to Susan J. Perron, April 6, Lot 42, Buckhaven Place, $95,900

Lillian B. Williams to Steven Ivak and Terry Lucas, April 6, 1 percent interest in Section 3, Lot 1, National Estates, $91,500

Donald P. Beck to Patrick P. Stewart Jr., April 6, Lot 7, Kimberly Park, $60,000

Micca San Nicholas, Scott Jason San Nicolas, Micca Sannicholas and Scott Jason Sannicolas to Nello A. Thomas III and Ivy D. Thomas, April 7, Section IV-B, Lot 27, Block A, Covington, $75,500

Richard Smith, Russell N. Smith and Michele S. Tanner to Scarboro & Jackson Properties LLC, April 7, Lot 19, Block F, Vineland, $90,000

TJC Inc. to John Kennedy Mulherin, April 7, Lot 21, Block B, Bedford Heights, $87,500

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. to United States United States Housing and Urban Development, April 7, Lots 8 and 9, Block B, on the north side of Richmond Hill Road, Plat Book 25-Y 2

First National Bank of Chicago Trustee, Bank One NA Trustee and Structured Asset Securities Corp. Mortgage to Tedford Eugene Norris II, April 7, Lot 9, Block C, Cloverdale, $11,000

United States Housing and Urban Development to Thomas Monroe Click, April 7, Section IV-B, Lot 26, Block F, Spanish Trace

United States Housing and Urban Development to Thomas Monroe Click, April 7, Lot 29, Block A, Gardenbrook

United States Housing and Urban Development to James D. McMonigle, April 7, Lot 31, Block A, Hancock Mill

George A. Holcombe Jr. to Eric L. Mason and Amy R. Mason, April 7, Lots 8 and 9, Block C, Woodlands of Goshen, $104,900

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Keith L. Evans, April 7, Section 16, Lot 30, Block A, Phase Two, Pepperidge, $88,900

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Erica D. Albea, April 7, Section 3, Lot 16, Block C, Breckenridge, $147,600

E. Mills Residential Land Trust and E. Mills Trust to Wanda L. Green, April 7, Lot 25, Block C, Fleming Acres, $59,900

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Floyd L. Stephens and Mamie B. Stephens, April 7, Section 4, Lot 37, Block B, Cambridge, $158,900

Roberts Augusta Inc. to Wander Investment Co. LLC, April 8, Building 3523, 3523 Walton Way Extension, Walton Square Office Park, $487,000

Washington Mutual Bank FA to United States United States Housing and Urban Development, April 8, 4908 Mossycup Court, Lot 20, Plantation Oaks

Gary S. Douty and Gwen Douty to James Donald Williams and Karen Williams, April 8, Lot 10, Block A, Delta View Estates, $85,000

Frances Rovenia Gaskill Fuller to Laurence U. Moore, April 8, Lot on the southwest side of Gaskill Road, R-325 2341, $54,000

Jose F. Diaz to Michael E. Gilmer and Arthurene P. Gilmer, April 8, Lot 4, Block G, Walton Meadows, $94,500

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Patrick N. Jamieson and Jean M. Jamieson, April 8, Section 16, Lot 10, Block A, Phase II, Pepperidge, $107,900

C. Murray Williams to Shirley A. Corder, April 8, Apartment 4, Building D, Section II, Phase II, Winston Arms Condo, $48,000

Larry N. Wellington Sr. to Calvin L. Howard and Eleanor H. Howard, April 8, Section II, Lot 18, Block A, Tara, $76,400

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Monica N. Goins and Michael R. Goins Jr., April 8, Section 5, Lot 34, Block E, Phase One, Breckenridge, $138,900

Albertha H. Harris to Davette A. Patterson, April 8, Lot 30, Phase II, Alexander Woods, $76,900

Betty Anderson to Katie Huntzicker, April 8, Lot 14, Block J, Silvercrest, $58,000

David R. Chiera to Betty Zendejas, April 12, Section 1, Lot 6, Block F, Silvercrest, $56,000

Joseph N. Henon to Joseph N. Henon and Sherry L. Henon, April 12, Lot 2, Oak Haven

Tony E. Burnley to Jimmy D. Mulkey, April 12, Lot B33, Phase II, Heathers Glenn, $17,900

Tony E. Burnley to Jimmy D. Mulkey, April 12, Lot B34, Phase II, Heathers Glenn, $17,900

Bank of America of New York Trustee and Countrywide Mortgage Backed Securities S to United States United States Housing and Urban Development, April 12, Lot 28, Block C, Pepperidge

Bennie E. Glosson and Bennie E. Glosson Sr. to Tug Properties LLC, April 12, Lot 4, Plat Book 14-L 305, and R-13 742, part of Lot 21, Block E, Miles, $27,000

Jerrylena Gay Marshall to Jonathan and Laura Investments Inc., April 12, 1308 Winter St., part of Lot 7, Block 29, Monte Sano, $75,000

Bonnie L. Keough and Daniel J. Keough to Charles A. Mitchell, April 12, Section Two, Lot 5, Block J, Brookfield West, $109,900

Centex Home Equity Co. LLC to Cassie S. Jones, April 13, Section II-A, Lot 18, Block T, Woodlake, $80,000

Sarah N. Hamlet to Sebrena D. Murhead, April 13, Lot 8, Block 32, Walker Street, $15,000

Patricia Cain and Thomas J. Cain to Robert H. Webb Jr., April 13, 1113 Eisenhower Court, Lot 5, Eisnehower Court, $91,000

John J. Harley to Patrick Barnwell, April 13, Lot on the south side of Deans Bridge Road, Plat Book 10-M 457, 2840 Deans Bridge Road, $250,000

United States United States Housing and Urban Development to Michael V. Gaskin, April 13, Lot 9, Block A, Phase III, Quail Run

Bertren Q. Jones and Tiffani J. Jones to Roy A. Adams and Deborah A. Adams, April 13, Section 8, Lot 71, Block L, Pepperidge, $85,000

George W. Quick to Jeff Norris, April 13, Section I, Lots 1 and 2, Block A, Cedar Ridge Farms, $110,000

Todd Svacina to Leonora D. Dunston, April 13, Section 1, Lot 14, Block I, Pepperidge Pointe, $129,900

Cameron Brown to Cameron Brown and Kathleen Solomon Brown, April 13, Section I, Lot 16, Block B, Greenbrier

United States United States Housing and Urban Development to Chavas L. Boyd and Lakeisha N. Boyd, April 13, Lot 10, Block D, Phase Two, Woodlands of Goshen

Herbert Homes Inc. to Cynthia Lorraine Pena, April 13, Lot 27, Block A, Phase Two, Cypress Pointe, $99,900

Edith Stuckey to Gregory Horn Sr., April 13, 1944 Kissingbower Road, Lot 28 and parts of Lots 26 and 27, Block B, Engleside, $68,900

Alexandra Gonzalez Waddington and Michael S. Waddington to Gene E. Voss, April 13, Lot 28, Lillian Place, $112,000

United States United States Housing and Urban Development to Nona Daniels, April 13, Section I, Lot 2, Block D, Country Place

Askin Enterprises Ltd. Co. to Jacksye Smith and Jackie Smith, April 13, Lot 121, Block A, Askin Acres, $18,000

Otis F. Askin to Annette L. Meriweather, April 13, Section II, Lot 7, Block B, Cloverdale, $15,900

Rascal Enterprises Inc. to Scott B. Kitchens, April 13, 6.12 acres, Lot 18, Clanton Road, R-480 1879, $23,000

Rascal Enterprises Inc. to Melissa M. Brayboy, April 13, Section I, Lot 14, Block B, Kristin Landing, $15,500

Herbert Brayboy Jr. to James A. Howell III, April 13, Lot 11, Meadowood, $45,000

RW Renovations Inc. to Kevin D. Sanders, April 13, Section 7, 3707 Cardiff St., Lot 45, Block L, Pepperidge, $98,900

Knox Realty Investment Corp. and Richmond Apartments Inc. to Jack C. Hodges, April 14, Lots 20 through 25, Block A, Fleming Heights Re-Sub, $98,000

Jack C. Hodges to Dennis Rabon, April 14, 2336, 2343, 2347, 2351, 2355 and 2359 Lumpkin Road, Lots 20 through 25, Block A, Fleming Heights Re-Sub, $300,000

Colleen M. Pace and Edward S. Pace to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., April 14, Lot 15, Block C, Sheffield Place, $149,900

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to James W. Nesmith, April 14, Lot 15, Block C, Sheffield Place, $149,900

Helene L. Sams and Helene L. Thomas to Loretta A. Hutto, April 14, Part II, Section II, Lot 20, Block A, Phase II, East View, $48,100

Allean T. Amburn to Leon Brett Bennett and Kimberly A. Morris, April 14, Unit C, Block 40, Forest Hills, $63,000

Cheryl J. Beck and Cheryl A. Grace to Pierrette M. Frickey, April 14, Lot 12, Plat Book 9-K 207, and R-243 669, 1433 Glenn Ave., $207,000

Judith C. Murphey to Crista Ensley, April 14, Section Two, Lot 26, Block 11, National Hills, $113,600

Terence B. Douglas to Gregory R. Haltiner and Carol F. Haltiner, April 14, Section I, Exception, Lot 11, Block C, Greenbrier, $113,000

John J. Harley to Robert Elam, April 14, 2420 Plantation Road, Lot 16, Windsor Lake, $12,000

Doris A. Green and Connie Sganga to Michael A. Sganga and Connie Sganga, April 14, 2.75 acres on the east side of Skinner Road, Plat Book 13-R 592, Exception

Gregory A. Jones and Jean L. Jones to Joseph H. Lewis III, April 14, 1340 Flowing Wells Road, Lot 16A, Green Acres, $79,900

MRC Construction Co. Inc. to Douglas C. Gay and Pamela B. Gay, April 14, 1432 Brown Road, Lot 6, Phase Two, Brown Estates, $143,800

Wilma L. Beasley and Mary Lee Burckhalter to Robert W. Cook, April 14, Lot 32, Redwood, $68,000

Margaret Harris Azenaro, Eleanor Butler, Lawrence L. Harris and Margaret Ann Thomas to Travis E. Laube, April 14, Lot 1, Kings Acres, Plat Book 20-S 441, Easement, $55,200

Mary Cummings to Anthony Cummings, April 14, Half interest in Lot 31, Block L, Fleming Heights Re-Sub

Belfair Investment Co. Inc. to Carles Simmons and Lavelle Coleman, April 14, Section I, Lot 3, Block D, Belfair Lakes, $101,300


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