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Books can help let Mom know she's loved

Most people will tell you they love their mother, but oftentimes they forget to mention it to mom.

For those who have trouble coming up with just the right words, there are several new books that get the point across.

Some books are for mom and some are about her:

l Mom's Almanac (Welcome Books) edited by Alice Wong and Lena Tabori, and designed by Timothy Shaner and Christopher Measom.

This how-to book for mothers offers practical advice about sidewalk games and removal of crayon marks on the wall, but the very first section is dedicated to "taking care of mom."

It's hard to do "the most important job in the world" if a mother is not at her best.

Advice includes napping while baby naps, set limits on playdates and errands, get moderate exercise and pamper yourself!

l I Love My Mommy (HarperCollins) by Sebastien Braun. Ages 3-7.

Various mini members of the animal world boast about all the wonderful things their mothers do: A young deer is happy that his mommy stays by his side, and a bear cub enjoys hitching a ride on mommy's back when he is tired.

l Mothers (Courage Books).

A coffee-table books filled with proverbs, poetry, humor and compassion in a cross-section of different ages and cultures.

Among the words of wisdom is this quote from American poet William Ross Wallace (1819-1881): "That hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."

And from contemporary writer Toni Morrison's Beloved: "Grown don't mean nothing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown?

"What's that suppose to mean? In my heart it don't mean a thing."

l I Love Mommy (Candlewick Press) by Lizi Boyd. Ages 1-3.

A young frog, who, oddly, wears a raincoat in inclement weather, says she has the best time when she's with mommy. And they do seem to have a good time - they spend their days coloring, singing, snacking and reading together.

l Anything for You (HarperCollins) by John Wallace and illustrated by Harry Horse.

Little Charlie Bear would do anything for his "mama," even letter her be his best friend.

And he goes to bed without a fuss - that's how much he loves her.

l The Tao of Mom: The Wisdom of Mothers from East to West (Andrews McMeel) by Taro Gold.

This book offers a little insight for every day of the year, noting the wisdom, courage and compassion that define motherhood.

The definition, though, of a mother is broad as the book heralds Rosa Parks as the mother of the modern civil rights movement and Maria Montessori, the Italian education reformer.

associated pressMom's Almanac gives mothers helpful tips on managing their time to run errands and remembering to pamper themselves.


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