Originally created 04/27/04

Stop the Sept. 11 finger-pointing game

It is time for all Americans to stop finger-pointing for the Sept. 11 attack. There is no one person or political party in our country responsible for that devastating day. The guilty person is Osama bin Laden. If we keep wasting our taxpayer dollars on formal meetings or committees, it will only result in more useless finger-pointing. What an extremely immature waste of our country's time and money.

Everyone in this country is aware of the terroristic acts that have been, and are being, committed daily against people in other countries. We are all guilty of ignoring it because it "wasn't our problem." Did we really think those hateful groups were going to just leave us alone? I really believe we thought they wouldn't dare touch us! Well, they did. They didn't come up with the Sept. 11 plan overnight; they worked on it for years. Strategically. They despise our country so bad, they will come after us again.

As long as groups run by bin Laden or anyone like him are out there, we will again be hit in the homeland. I would much rather have the war on their ground than ours. If bin Laden has it his way, we, the average citizens, will be fighting to protect ourselves on our own home ground! Anyone who thinks differently underestimates the hatred directed at us by his groups.

Regardless of what reason our president used to go to war against terrorism, it's justified. So what if we haven't found weapons of mass destruction! We have freed two countries from a living nightmare. Unfortunately, we will lose lives. We lost more lives just being sitting ducks Sept. 11 than we have by fighting back. I prefer dying by fighting back instead of having innocent people dying sitting at work or home.

Teresa Glackin Callahan, Augusta


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