Originally created 04/24/04

So what's the Latin word for Democrat?

The "In the Spotlight" article of April 13 reported supermodel Carmen Kass to be a member of Estonia's ruling Res Publica party - a pro-business party. Res Publica, explained the article, "means 'Republican' in Latin."

Well, not exactly. For the old Romans, res publica held a variety of meanings: the public good, public interest; the affairs of state as affecting all people; the state as constituted for participation of all citizens; the body politic with reference to its constitution; etc. etc.

But all that takes too much effort to comprehend. Let's go for an easier, more liberal tack: res publica does indeed mean Republican! What's more, res publica is clearly the alias that those greedy U.S. Republicans have used to infiltrate Estonian politics!

DeSaussure F. Philpot, Augusta


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