Originally created 04/23/04

Abandon partisanship and fight terrorism

This is a war, not a scandal.

The show trial currently being conducted by the Democratic Party, a.k.a. the Sept. 11 Commission, is not going according to script, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media as cohorts with the Democrats.

Polls taken after Dr. Condoleezza Rice's April 8 testimony show that more Americans believe her than believe that lying FOB Richard Clarke. Remember FOB? it's a term that entered our political discourse in 1992; it stands for Friend of Bill (Clinton).

But most Americans don't need polls to tell them what to believe. They realize we are engaged in a global war, not a political scandal. Most of us have known that our nation's posture in relation to terrorists began to improve dramatically when the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the Democratic Party's attempt to steal the 2000 presidential election through incessant recounting of the votes in Florida.

The Sept. 11 Commission, trying to focus on the question of whether the Bush administration did all it could before Sept. 11 to thwart a terrorist attack on American soil, instead is uncovering the answer to the question that should be the focus of its investigation: Did the Clinton administration do all it could to make America safe from such an attack?...

Let us not be turned aside by vain and shallow political partisanship. What is critical in this hour is not to determine whether President Bush or Clinton is more responsible for Sept. 11 or our current situation.

The people who are responsible are the fanatics who flew those passenger planes into those buildings, and the raving lunatic dictators who sent them and still intend us harm. Let us press on in Iraq and Afghanistan and in whatever theater this war may lead us to, until every Islamic terrorist is dead.

Leave scandal-mongering to the novelists.

Sgt. 1st Class Tony W. Howard, Augusta


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