Originally created 04/23/04

RDC made sound decision on meals

This letter is to praise the CSRA Regional Development Center for its outstanding work and making a hard choice to save money and serve more people.

Several years ago, Shiloh Comprehensive Community Center had Meals on Wheels and was doing a good job with it, but we gave it up when a senior site was chosen that would serve more people. Change is not always easy to accept, but most times it promotes progress. We are a progressive people.

I trust the CSRA Regional Development Center's judgment because of its good track record, and I know that the services for seniors will remain in the CSRA and be enhanced.

Because of the limited amount of funds available for senior programs, it is wise to cut costs on any program possible. Let us support the CSRA Regional Development Center and know that all services will remain in the CSRA, and progress will continue.

Ruth B. Crawford, Augusta (Editor's note: The writer is founder and executive director of the Shiloh Comprehensive Community Center.)


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