Originally created 04/23/04

Where's the outrage?

Muslim nations meeting in Malaysia this week condemned the U.S.-led coalition's "occupation" of Iraq and Israel's violence toward Palestine and assassination of Hamas leaders.

But what wasn't condemned is much more significant than what was. There wasn't a word of criticism against the terrorists - some suspect al-Qaida - responsible for Wednesday's five suicide car bomb explosions outside police facilities in Iraq's southern city of Basra. The blasts killed 68 people, including many children, and injured up to 200 more.

Imagine the outrage that would have reverberated from the Islamic nations, and may others, if Israel had been responsible for those explosions. Apparently, according to Islamic countries, there's nothing to get upset about when Muslims kill Muslims - only when Israelis kill Muslims.

Such hypocrisy is a reminder that history shows many more Muslims have been killed by other Muslims than have been killed by Israel - the hundreds of thousands of mass graves found in Iraq testify to that.

So who was blamed for the Basra bombings? The "occupation forces," of course. The Islamic countries did endorse the U.S. plan to turn power over to Iraqis on June 30 - and for the United Nations to play the key role in making it happen.

For that the U.N. will need troops. But Muslim nations aren't volunteering. That leaves the coalition, i.e., "the occupiers."


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