Originally created 04/16/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT to the man (I hope) in Tuesday's Rants/Raves section. There are women fighting in Iraq also. In your last sentence, "at the cost of our young men," how dare you leave out the women fighting in Iraq - as a matter of fact, a female soldier was just killed a few days ago!

REGARDING THE DEBATE over one-day or two-day collection: Why not have the choice? My mom lives in a city in Florida, and she has the choice.

BUSH KNEW BIN LADEN wanted to attack the U.S. and didn't react. Guess what? North Korea wants to nuke us. Bush better nuke them first to keep the Democrats off his back.

I WANTED TO REPLY to the idiot who was complaining about being greeted at stores. We really are not there to greet you; we are there as a visual deterrent to thieves. Do you know how often we save unpaid merchandise from going out the door? Also, when you are spoken to, you were probably too rude to say hello back. You should remember that everyone has feelings.

I WAS OFFENDED by the third post-round interview with Chris DiMarco. He was only asked negative media questions in a blatant effort to hurt his confidence and make him look bad. I guess it worked. Especially Watkins' disrespect for his putting game and the "proverbial crazy Italian" remark. I know Phil was the heavy favorite and deserved to win, but such poor taste and off-color media bias makes the tournament and the folks down South look bad.

I HAVE A RANT concerning an article I read this past weekend while visiting Atlanta, and now I see it in The Augusta Chronicle as well. There is a story about three different proms in Lyons, Ga. - white, black and Hispanic. I think that is just totally disgusting in a world that we say has changed. I'm a black person, and I find it totally disturbing that we have to resort to dividing the young adults that way. What kind of world is this? God is one God. That's not helping when you're in high school and you're being divided that way.


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