Originally created 04/16/04

Name entire road for Bobby Jones

I support naming the entire Augusta-Aiken interstate perimeter route the Bobby Jones Expressway. To do so would honor a great golfer and a great gentleman who helped give us the Masters Tournament.

I understand some people in Aiken County are opposed to this and favor naming the South Carolina portion of the road the Palmetto Expressway. No one would know what the Palmetto Expressway means except those who are opposing the use of Mr. Jones' name.

The only advantage I can see in naming this route the Palmetto Expressway is that it would prevent naming it for one of the many totally corrupt politicians who have fooled enough people to gain and hold political office in South Carolina.

I have lived all my life in South Carolina; therefore, I believe myself qualified to note that the state I love has been at the bottom of just about everything because of shortsighted, self-serving politicians.

I especially refer here to those who get more worked up over naming a state bug, flower, bird or dance than acting on anything beneficial to the public or showing anything like the slighest degree of class.

Those in charge can call the road what they want, but it will always be the Bobby Jones Expressway to me. I speak from personal experience.

Years ago, I came upon Mr. Jones while he was sitting in a golf cart at the Augusta National. I said "Good morning," and he was most gracious to me, a rookie reporter. We talked for several minutes and, on leaving, he told me to enjoy the day and enjoy life.

Bobby Jones let his record speak for itself, as a golfer who lifted the game to prominence, a great American and a wonderful human being. To give half of this route a name that appeals to practically no one would be an unspeakable act of arrogance and stupidity.

Carl Langley, Aiken, S.C.


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