Originally created 04/15/04

Taxpayers must not foot voucher bill

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is working to get the legislature to pass a bill giving vouchers to families whose children are going to private or parochial schools.

The problem I have with the voucher program, as an Aiken County school board member, is that the state would give money to families who have children in schools where the word of God is being taught, yet we in the Aiken County system cannot have prayer - no prayer before ball games, school events or graduation. But it will be required to pay money out of the Aiken County school system to these pupils in private systems.

I called the American Civil Liberties Union to check the possibility of going to court against the governor and the state about this voucher program. A representative told me they were not interested in our problems in Aiken County schools, and have a good day.

Larry Murphy, Clearwater, S.C.


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