Originally created 04/15/04

Speedway should not be a problem

My husband and I relocated to Georgia knowing we would buy a house in the CSRA. While living in an apartment, we familiarized ourselves on where the race track, Interstate 20, the airport and the train tracks were, and kept this in mind while house hunting.

We bought a house on the outskirts of Grovetown. We hear an occasional blast from the quarry, along with the morning "beep beep" sound from the trucks backing up at a nearby business.

Do we complain of the noise? No! We knew those places existed when we bought the house. Therefore, we just ignore the sounds.

My husband and I also enjoy an occasional race Saturday nights. I have flown in and out of Augusta's airport; the train delivered our new truck; and we drive on Interstate 20 almost daily.

The race track, airport, train quarry and I-20 - all of which bring noise to the area - were here long before a lot of us arrived. I believe most of the CSRA benefits from these things. If you do not like the noise these things bring, do a little research as we did before you buy a house, and you too can live in harmony with your surroundings.

I am in total agreement with the CSRA International Speedway. It just saddens me to think that a few people could ruin a good thing for so many. At what point will the majority of the people again have a say in this country? I guess since I live near the fairgrounds, I could also complain about the noise the fair brings. Nah. I think the sound of laughter from the many children is worth the noise.

Roxanne Birdsong, Grovetown, Ga.


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