Originally created 04/08/04

Keep sniffing out local trouble

I have serious doubts this will ever be published, since historically our paper will not toot its own horn - or allow others to do so, for that matter. I have a compulsion to do so, no matter the outcome.

America and Americans are the greatest on the planet. Nowhere can stronger evidence be found than considering the freedom we enjoy and, unfortunately, take for granted. One only has to take a cursory look at the rest of the world to realize this fact.

The singular point I wish to make is simple. I, along with like-minded, liberty-loving (not to be confused with liberal) friends are grateful each day to live in a beautiful city whose main news outlet is cognizant and ever-vigilant in publicly exposing political crud, corruption and cronyism.

The head of our local public education system, Dr. Charles Larke, is the latest in a long line of embarrassments our fair city has had to endure lately. My dictionary defines "lark" as "to jokingly engage in fun or mischief." Larke certainly lives up to his name. He's a joke that no one thinks is funny. Former state Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, is another example, as was former Fire Chief Ronnie Few...

Keep the good work going.

Andy Chandler, Augusta


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