Originally created 04/02/04

Race track isn't that noisy

What is too much noise? Gordon Park Speedway has been in the public eye since 1947. I personally feel the track is not too noisy or disturbing; it's just one man trying to make some noise.

I took noise-level readings with the same Radio Shack decibel machine the county used on the race track in December 2003 (the county's imposed noise limit is 60 decibels).

I found a running family automobile has a reading of 72 decibels; television, 75; ringing telephone, 86; ceiling fan, 68; dishwasher, 70; washing machine, 75; running water in the sink or shower, 74; garbage disposal, 81; blender, 87; riding lawn mower, 110; hair dryer, 90; chain saw, 125; and ambient noise on the steps of the Columbia County Courthouse, 74.

Also, what about a high-school football game? It's at 88 decibels. A car radio is 77, and flushing a toilet is 73. And let's not forget the train; it comes through four times a day, seven days a week at 150 decibels, but no one complains about that noise.

Is the noise level at the race track too noisy or not? I feel Gordon Park Speedway is no more physically or mentally damaging or a nuisance than any other everyday sound. I look forward to future races at Gordon Park Speedway.

William Goolsby, Hephzibah


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