Originally created 04/02/04

Burmeister owes an apology

I was terribly disappointed when I read the March 14 City Ink column concerning state Rep. Sue Burmeister's comments about state Rep. Pete Warren. According to the article, Mrs. Burmeister, during an address to the Richmond County Republican Party on March 8, called for someone to challenge Mr. Warren's House seat because he left the Capitol just before the vote on the gay-rights amendment. She told her audience that Mr. Warren "got up, got in his car and drove back to Augusta during one of the most important votes we had to make this year. He was chicken."

In his own defense, Mr. Warren told The Augusta Chronicle that he had "family issues" that required him to "be home before dark." He had properly notified the house speaker and other members of the General Assembly that he would be leaving early for family reasons.

The Warrens actually live the family-values principle that so many Republican legislators claim to champion. The Warrens are good people and they deserve an apology for Mrs. Burmeister's obvious attempt to gain partisan traction at the expense of Mr. Warren's familial obligations.

Lamar Simmons, Hephzibah


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