Originally created 03/31/04

Bush-bashers are light on facts

After viewing a continuous barrage of letters from the Greenbaums and Cooks denigrating President Bush during the past three years, I rarely take further notice when I observe either surname. The article by Paul Cook ("GOP is endangering our Social Security," March 21) was cause for an exception. Cook's letter possessed its normal objective of berating President Bush. However, its details missed the most obvious facts of why Social Security soon will be defunct.

First and foremost, rather than our government securing our funds for future use, as would be done by any reputable institution, they spent your Social Security money on other programs as it was received. If this was done by a savings institution, they would be prosecuted.

Secondly, about 31 years ago the Supreme Court "created" a new law known as Roe vs. Wade that allowed women to have their babies legally killed. By conservative estimates, more than 45 million babies have been destroyed, of which at least 30 million would now be paying into Social Security and offsetting the imbalance created by the postwar baby boom.

Our demagogues whom we entrust to plan our nation's course could have easily anticipated this problem, and they probably did. It is not politically expedient to project doom and gloom. The Kennedy and Kerry types of the past and of today look only toward the next election, and could not care less about truth, integrity and the future of our children and grandchildren.

I encourage all to read the letters of the Greenbaums and Cooks analytically and with discretion, so you are not misled by their partial facts and liberal rhetoric aimed toward removing President Bush from office. Without a candidate to be proud of, their only option is to bash Bush.

Vern J. Simon, Evans, Ga.


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