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Police investigate man's past

ANDERSON, S.C. - It seems just about anybody in Anderson can recall meeting Jonathan Craig Marcy.

Now this community is trying to cope with how a familiar face can be the man charged with kidnapping a 7-year-old boy from a Kmart.

Investigators are trying to piece together Mr. Marcy's life as a substitute teacher in Anderson School District 3 to gas station employee to a worker at the Williamston Hardee's.

"It will take a while to do a complete background on this individual," Anderson County sheriff's Capt. Dale McCard said. "He's been around here for a while and had a lot of contact with a lot of people. We're interviewing each person to find out the extent of contact, and that takes a while."

Mr. Marcy was arrested Thursday at his Williamston home in the abduction of Hunter Thompson.

The boy was taken from an Anderson Kmart on Monday night, according to a warrant, and dropped off the next morning at a Winn-Dixie store.

Investigators still don't know why Hunter was taken, Capt. McCard said.

Anderson County Sheriff Gene Taylor said the boy might have been lured from the Kmart with offers of video games or money.

A spokesman for Hardee's said Mr. Marcy worked part time as a shift leader at its Williamston restaurant for the past three months.

Mr. Marcy was identified as a possible suspect when Anderson sheriff's Capt. John Skipper received a tip Wednesday evening.

A customer at the Hardee's told authorities a man working there matched the description of the kidnapper. He said the worker had scratches on his head, just like the man authorities were seeking.

Hunter's father, Troy Thompson, said he recognized Mr. Marcy's face from shopping at the grocery store where he believed he worked.

"It's kind of bizarre. We're like a lot of people, we remembered him from the Bi-Lo," he said.

Bi-Lo spokeswoman Joyce Smart confirmed that Mr. Marcy worked for the store more than three years ago for a short time, but she did not specify the dates.

Authorities have searched Mr. Marcy's home and talked to police from other departments who were investigating unsolved child abductions in their jurisdictions, Capt. McCard said.

"Everybody who has unsolved cases is interested in it," Capt. McCard said. "That's pretty normal in a case like this."

He said investigators also have talked to those who know Mr. Marcy, including parents of children Mr. Marcy baby-sat.

A YMCA official confirmed Thursday that Mr. Marcy worked for the agency but would not say whether the job involved children.

Records show he had no prior arrest record and would not have been prevented from working with or near children.


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