Originally created 03/28/04

Kerry is no national savior

We happened to be traveling through Mississippi during John Kerry's "Southern stump." The local news media provided good coverage, and one of the articles I read quoted Mr. Kerry as blaming President Bush "for all of the unemployment issues that plague our nation today." Mr. Kerry went on to say that he would take care of that by making sure that Bush had "another job" in the spring. Believe me, if the fix was anywhere near that simple we would all flock to the polls in support Mr. Kerry.

Fortunately, the majority of us know better, and while I find Mr. Kerry's allegations less than banal and more than silly, what bothers me the most is his apparent disregard for you and me and for our capacity to intelligently distinguish reality from 21st-century political spin.

I fear that Mr. Kerry's motive was anything but honorable. Portraying any sitting president as "a demon among us" is really in bad taste, and demonstrates equally bad judgment. It bothers me that because I'm nothing more than a common man - working hard to raise my family, pay my taxes and live a decent life - it automatically subordinates me to some nondescript lesser being who will willingly accept wanton trash-shoveling and mindless and/or meaningless rhetoric as gospel truths.

So, Mr. Kerry, please stop embarrassing us with your banal behavior. Trust me, all of us common folks are genuinely interested in real solutions to the employment situation. ...

It also is worth noting that those of us who live in the South don't put much stock in false idols, and we clearly understand that there is only one true Savior, and that mature and sound leadership will serve us all much better than yet another self-anointed centurion.

Chuck Copenhaver, Aiken, S.C.


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