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Atlanta Braves TV schedule

Fox = Fox-Ch. 54

FSN = Fox Sports Net

TS = Turner South


E2 = ESPN2

April 6New York Mets7:35 TBS

April 7New York Mets7:05 FSN

April 8New York Mets7:35 TBS

April 9Chicago Cubs7:35 TBS

April 10Chicago Cubs7:05 TBS

April 11Chicago Cubs1:05 TBS

April 12at New York Mets1:10 TBS

April 13OFF

April 14at New York Mets7:10 FSN

April 15at New York Mets7:10 TBS

April 16Florida Marliqqns7:35 TBS

April 17Florida Marlins7:05 TBS

April 18Florida Marlins1:05 TBS

April 19OFF

April 20at Cincinnati Reds7:10 TBS

April 21at Cincinnati Reds7:10 FSN

April 22at Cincinnati Reds12:35 TBS

April 23at Florida Marlins7:35 TBS

April 24at Florida Marlins6:05 TBS

April 25at Florida Marlins8:05 E

April 26at San Francisco10:15 TBS

April 27at San Francisco10:15 TBS

April 28at San Francisco10:15 FSN

April 29OFF

April 30at Colorado Rockies9:05 TBS

May 1at Colorado Rockies3:05 TBS

May 2at Colorado Rockies3:05 TBS

May 3OFF

May 4San Diego7:35 TBS

May 5San Diego7:05 FSN

May 6San Diego1:05 TBS

May 7Houston7:35 TBS

May 8Houston7:05 TBS

May 9Houston1:05 TBS

May 10OFF

May 11at St. Louis8:10 TBS

May 12at St. Louis7:10 FSN

May 13at St. Louis1:10 TBS

May 14at Milwaukee8:05 TBS

May 15at Milwaukee7:05 TBS

May 16at Milwaukee2:05 TBS

May 17OFF

May 18Arizona Diamondbacks7:35 TBS

May 19Arizona Diamondbacks7:05 FSN

May 20Arizona Diamondbacks7:35 TBS

May 21Los Angeles Dodgers7:35 TBS

May 22Los Angeles Dodgers1:20 Fox

May 23Los Angeles Dodgers2:05 TBS

May 24at Montreal Expos7:05 TBS

May 25at Montreal Expos7:05 TBS

May 26at Montreal Expos7:05 FSN

May 27at Philadelphia Phillies7:05 TBS

May 28at Philadelphia Phillies7:05 TBS

May 29at Philadelphia Phillies1:20 Fox

May 30at Philadelphia Phillies1:35 TBS

May 31Montreal Expos1:05 TBS

June 1Montreal Expos7:35 TBS

June 2Montreal Expos7:05 FSN

June 3Philadelphia Phillies7:35 TBS

June 4Philadelphia Phillies7:35 TS

June 5Philadelphia Phillies1:20 Fox

June 6Philadelphia Phillies1:05 TBS

June 7OFF

June 8at Detroit Tigers7:05 TS

June 9at Detroit Tigers7:05 FSN

June 10at Detroit Tigers1:05 TBS

June 11at Chicago White Sox8:05 TS

June 12at Chicago White Sox7:05 TS

June 13at Chicago White Sox3:05 TS

June 14vs. Minnesota Twins in Hall of Fame Game, Cooperstown, N.Y.2:05

June 15Kansas City Royals7:35 TS

June 16Kansas City Royals7:05 FSN

June 17Kansas City Royals1:05 TS

June 18Cleveland Indians7:35 TS

June 19Cleveland Indians7:05 TS

June 20Cleveland Indians1:05 TS

June 21OFF

June 22at Florida Marlins7:05 TS

June 23at Florida Marlins7:05 FSN

June 24at Florida Marlins7:05 TBS

June 25at Baltimore Orioles7:35 TS

June 26at Baltimore Orioles4:3 TS

June 27at Baltimore Orioles1:35 TBS

June 28Florida Marlins7:35 TBS

June 29Florida Marlins7:35 TS

June 30Florida Marlins7:05 FSN

July 1Florida Marlins7:35 TBS

July 2Boston Red Sox 7:35 TBS

July 3Boston Red Sox7:05 TS

July 4Boston Red Sox1:05 TBS

July 5at Montreal Expos in San Juan

7:05 TS

July 6at Montreal Expos in San Juan

7:05 TS

July 7at Montreal Expos in San Juan

7:05 FSN

July 8OFF

July 9at Philadelphia Phillies7:05 TS

July 10at Philadelphia Phillies1:20 Fox

July 11at Philadelphia Phillies1:35 TBS

July12All-Star Break

July 1375th All-Star Game in Houston

July 14All-Star Break

July 15Montreal Expos7:35 TS

July 16Montreal Expos7:35 TS

July 17Montreal Expos7:05 TS

July 18Montreal Expos1:05 TBS

July 19Philadelphia Phillies7:35 TS

July 20Philadelphia Phillies7:35 TS

July 21Pittsburgh Pirates7:05 FSN

July 22Pittsburgh Pirates1:05 TBS

July 23at New York Mets7:10 TS

July 24at New York Mets7:10 TS

July 25at New York Mets1:10 TBS

July 26at Pittsburgh Pirates7:05 TS

July 27at Pittsburgh Pirates7:05 TS

July 28at Pittsburgh Pirates7:05 FSN

July 29at Pittsburgh Pirates12:35 TBS

July 30New York Mets7:35 TS

July 31New York Mets7:05 TS

Aug. 1New York Mets1:05 TBS

Aug. 2OFF

Aug. 3at Houston Astros8:05 TS

Aug. 4at Houston Astros8:05 FSN

Aug. 5at Houston Astros8:05 TBS

Aug. 6at Arizona Diamondbacks10:05 TS

Aug. 7at Arizona Diamondbacks4:05 Fox

Aug. 8at Arizona Diamondbacks4:35 TS

Aug. 9OFF

Aug. 10Milwaukee Brewers7:35 TS

Aug. 11Milwaukee Brewers7:05 FSN

Aug. 12Milwaukee Brewers7:35 TBS

Aug. 13St. Louis Cardinals7:35 TBS

Aug. 14St. Louis Cardinals1:20 Fox-Ch. 54

Aug. 15St. Louis Cardinals1:05 TBS

Aug. 16at San Diego Padres10:05 TBS

Aug. 17at San Diego Padres10:05 TS

Aug. 18at San Diego Padres10:05 FSN

Aug. 19at Los Angeles Dodgers10:10 TBS

Aug. 20at Los Angeles Dodgers10:10 TBS

Aug. 21at Los Angeles Dodgers4:10 Fox

Aug. 22at Los Angeles Dodgers4:10 TBS

Aug. 23OFF

Aug. 24Colorado Rockies7:35 TS

Aug. 25Colorado Rockies7:05 FSN

Aug. 26Colorado Rockies7:35 TBS

Aug. 27San Francisco Giants7:35 TBS

Aug. 28San Francisco Giants1:20 Fox

Aug. 29San Francisco Giants1:05 TBS

Aug. 30San Francisco Giants1:05 TBS

Aug. 31at Philadelphia Phillies7:05 TS

Sept. 1at Philadelphia Phillies7:05 FSN

Sept. 2OFF

Sept. 3at Montreal Expos7:05 TBS

Sept. 4at Montreal Expos7:05 TS

Sept. 5at Montreal Expos1:05 TBS

Sept. 6Philadelphia Phillies1:05 TBS

Sept. 7Philadelphia Phillies7:35 TS

Sept. 8Philadelphia Phillies7:05 FSN

Sept. 9Philadelphia Phillies7:35 TBS

Sept. 10Montreal Expos7:35 TBS

Sept. 11Montreal Expos7:05 TS

Sept. 12Montreal Expos1:05 TBS

Sept. 13at New York Mets7:10 TBS

Sept. 14at New York Mets7:10 TS

Sept. 15at New York Mets7:10 FSN

Sept. 16at New York Mets7:10 TBS

Sept. 17at Florida Marlins7:35 TBS

Sept. 18at Florida Marlins6:05 TS

Sept. 19at Florida Marlins3:05 TBS

Sept. 20OFF

Sept. 21Cincinnati Reds7:35 TBS

Sept. 22Cincinnati Reds7:05 FSN

Sept. 23Cincinnati Reds7:35 TBS

Sept. 24Florida Marlins7:35 TBS

Sept. 25Florida Marlins7:05 TS

Sept. 26Florida Marlins1:05 TBS

Sept. 27New York Mets7:35 TBS

Sept. 28New York Mets7:35 TS

Sept. 29New York Mets1:05 FSN

Ticket information

To purchase tickets, call the Atlanta Braves at (404) 522-7630 or (800) 326-4000 or go on-line at www.ticketmaster.com.

  • Dugout - $45-48

  • Lexus - $32-35

  • Field - $27-30

  • Terrace - $27-30

  • Lexus Pavilion - $25-28

  • Terrace Reserved - $22-25

  • Field Pavilion - $18-21

  • Terrace Pavilion - $18-21

  • Upper Box - $12-15

  • Upper Reserved - $8-11

  • Upper Pavilion - $5

  • Skyline - $1

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