Originally created 03/27/04

Think for yourselves, voters

Regarding Lowell Greenbaum's March 21 letter, "Spain's voters made right decision after attack":

I only wish to address the last paragraph of the letter, telling me who my vote should be for. Mr. Greenbaum is a narrow-minded politician guided only by self-interest and must feel like everyone is incompetent when it comes to making their own decisions. Any man who will put his political affiliations ahead of the national interest is the last person I want telling me who I should vote for.

It's just my opinion, but the problem of terrorism has not been brought about by Republicans or Democrats, but by complacency.

As retired military, neither do I need letter-writer Larry Jarrett ("Bush has mishandled military action in Iraq," March 21) to speak for me.

Bobby Renew, Harlem, Ga.


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