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LOS ANGELES -- Kate Winslet thought she knew her way around water after shooting "Titanic."

The actress had spent hours in chilly water while shooting scenes for the Oscar-winning film. So she wasn't concerned about doing a scene in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" in which she and co-star Jim Carrey are in an oversized kitchen sink.

"Guys, don't talk to me about how long we have to be in water. Hello, been there, done that. I wasn't remotely fazed by it," she told reporters recently, according to AP Radio.

But the water was hot, and after about three hours, Winslet felt lightheaded. "I got out ... and I was like, 'Can I have some water,' and I fainted."

In the film, the characters played by Winslet and Carrey have their memories erased. Winslet said there's nothing she'd like to forget.

"Those are the things that make us stronger and change us as human beings," the 28-year-old actress said. "And there's nothing I'd go back and change."

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PARIS -- The prestigious Academie Francaise, the watchdog of France's language and culture, elected novelist Alain Robbe-Grillet into its ranks.

Robbe-Grillet is likely to be officially inducted early next year as an "immortal," as members are known. He replaces writer Maurice Rheims, who died last year.

He was elected into the Academie Francaise Thursday.

Also a filmmaker, Robbe-Grillet is considered the initiator of the "nouveau roman," an experimental literary form that emerged in the 1950s.

The Academie Francaise was founded by Cardinal Richelieu, Louis XIII's influential finance minister, in 1635. Past members have included Voltaire and Victor Hugo.

The elite body has become a staunch defender of the purity of the French language, decrying "Franglais," a mixture of French and English, and the invasion of new English words from the Internet.

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NEW YORK -- Melina Kanakaredes has been cast in the new CBS drama series "CSI: New York," the network announced.

The series will be spun off from an episode of "CSI: Miami" in May, CBS said Thursday.

Kanakaredes, who starred in NBC's family drama "Providence," will portray a detective for the New York City crime unit "who is a workaholic and a jack-of-all-trades."

"Melina Kanakaredes is an amazing addition to an already successful franchise," said Anthony Zuiker, one of the executive producers of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "CSI: Miami" and "CSI: New York."

"We are looking forward to creating a multidimensional character that an actress of Melina's stature can sink her teeth into."

The new drama will premiere this fall.

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NEW YORK -- Hilary Swank will be the exclusive celebrity model of the upcoming global launch of the Calvin Klein Sensual Support intimate apparel collection, the company announced.

The Oscar-winning actress will be featured in ads for the new collection, including print, outdoor and other media.

"Hilary is the perfect choice for this campaign. She looks absolutely beautiful and easily conveys the sensuality that we want," Kim Vernon, senior vice president of global advertising and communications for Calvin Klein Inc., said in a statement Wednesday.

"I also think that she is not the expected choice for a women's underwear campaign and these pictures will present her in a way that she has not been seen in her professional work so far."

The new collection will be available in July.

NEW YORK -- Vincent Pastore - Salvatore "Big [filtered word]" Bonpensiero on HBO'S "The Sopranos" - will host "The Wiseguy Show," a weekly "three-hour celebration" of Italian-American culture, Sirius Satellite Radio announced.

The show premieres Saturday. Pastore will interview guests from the Italian-American community, discuss world events, review movies, perform skits, give sex advice and interact with listeners.

"Big [filtered word]'s with Sirius and we're going to get serious, period!" Pastore said in a statement. "'The Wiseguy Show' is like the Bada Bing on a Saturday night - a combination of music, talk, guest stars and cannoli."

"The Wiseguy Show" also will include music from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Al Martino, Jerry Vale and other classic crooners.

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ATLANTA -- A stretch of Interstate 85 will likely be named for country music star Alan Jackson. The House voted 134-0 Thursday to honor the singer with a road naming in his native Coweta County.

Jackson, 45, has twice been named favorite artist of the year by Country Weekly magazine. He sang the 2003 hit "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" with Jimmy Buffett.

"He's the man," said Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, a Republican from Newnan, Jackson's hometown.

The honor has already passed the Senate and now awaits the governor's signature.

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