Originally created 03/17/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

CONGRATULATIONS Coach Welch and the Aiken Tech Knights basketball team on a stellar year - 29-4! Thanks and looking forward to next year.

ONLY IN AUGUSTA ... kids can meet after school for oysters and beer, a school board chairman can double as a school system comptroller, and a surgeon gets canned for serving his country.

KUDOS TO KAREN and the Columbia County Roads and Bridges Department. Not only do you get the impression they're there to help you and your county, but requests are acted on in a timely manner. Thanks again for your continued efforts.

I WONDER IF the residents of south Augusta, while collecting hundreds of signatures protesting the Bi-Lo closing, also collected "hundreds" of shopping carts scattered throughout the area near the store and returned them as part of the deal? Those things aren't cheap!

OH GREAT POLITICAL Mystic, what is the answer to the question in this sealed envelope? Mystic puts envelope to forehead, answer, "John Gotti, George Bush" Tears open envelope. Question is, "Who was the Teflon Don and is the Teflon President?"

FOR THOSE UPSET by Mr. Bush running the 9-11 ads, you can thank God that Bill Clinton or John Kerry were not in office. Both would have waved the white flag and surrendered the USA.

WHEN THE AUGUSTA Chronicle reported that a "woman threatens man with pickle," did the reporter check to see if that pickle had been registered by the Richmond County Sheriff's Office as "a lethal weapon?"

IN RESPONSE TO the comparisons of Georgia versus California: I grew up in Los Angeles, yet it got too crowded and smoggy over time, so I moved out here. Augusta is not by any means perfect, but it is nirvana compared to L.A.


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