Originally created 03/16/04

Investigator supports Whittle

I have been a member of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office for 10 years. During my tenure, I have served in several capacities, starting at the jail, and I now am an investigator in the Criminal Investigations Division.

During this time, I have spent quality time with our sheriff, Clay Whittle, both on and off duty. He is truly a dedicated and respectable person. He is dedicated not only to the sheriff's office, but also to his family.

He is an approachable person who will give you an honest answer to your questions, even if it's the answer you don't want to hear. On the job, he is stern and unwavering in his goals for the sheriff's office, yet willing to consider the opinions of others. Off the job, he is a loyal and straightforward man.

In these 10 years, he has shown me that he has the dependability and trustworthiness that residents of Columbia County deserve and can rely on. His character and experience in law enforcement alone far exceeds and overshadows anyone who may attempt to hold his position or fill his shoes.

While the population of Columbia County grows, the crime rate is falling. Residents feel safe in this county, and a portion of that credit goes to the sheriff. I, and the residents of Columbia County, should feel honored to have him as sheriff.

Richard W. Douglas, Grovetown, Ga.


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