Originally created 03/16/04

Wake up, Europe!

Imagine you helped out a friend who was a battered woman. Imagine further that, as revenge for your helping her, the batterer came after you and injured you.

Would you blame the woman?

Of course not. That would be ludicrous.

Yet, that is precisely what Spanish voters may have been guilty of this past weekend when they ousted their government, apparently in large part for joining the United States' just and righteous war against terrorism.

After terrorists killed 200 and wounded 1,500 train commuters Thursday, Spanish voters threw out their ruling government - perhaps as a rebuke to the government's support of the United States, which they may blame for the train attacks.

What they have forgotten, or don't care to remember, is that America was battered and bloodied, unprovoked, on Sept. 11, 2001. What they have forgotten, or don't care to remember, is that Saddam Hussein had every opportunity to renounce terrorism and account for weapons of mass destruction.

If terrorists have attacked Spain for its support of the United States in the war on terror, the true target of Spanish angst ought to be the terrorists, their organizations - and the so-called legitimate governments that support terror.

To do otherwise is to blame the victims of terror - of which America is only one.

As we sit here today, lo and behold, Spain is also a victim.

So that is the fault of other victims? Wake up, Europe!

The European Union will hold emergency talks on Friday to assess its anti-terrorism efforts. Boy, is it ever time.

Let's just hope our European friends are smart enough to tell victims from perpetrators.

Recent history is not encouraging on that front.


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