Originally created 03/15/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

OK , LET'S THINK about this. If you worked for a company, had access to the money and decided to calculate your own payout for vacation, throwing in fringe benefits, don't you think those who watch the bottom line would be a little miffed ? How long before a criminal investigation was launched? How long before a regular person, not an overpaid public official, was put in jail?

this is a beautiful Saturday afternoon. And all you have out there is motorcycles racing up and down Broad Street. No police in sight. I think we need a new sheriff to get their boys out there to control these motorcycles. Same thing at night. They're racing up and down, and there's not an officer in sight. This should be taken care of.

OK, LET ME get this straight. I'm Class of 2005. We have to graduate from our football field, which is deteriorating at an unbelievable rate. And they're paying four times what they paid for the civic center. This is ridiculous. We shouldn't have to graduate from a football field. If it rains, we have to go into a gym with limited seating. We're ticked off about this. It should not be happening.

THIS IS A rant and a couple of raves. I had an accident Friday night in front of the Krispy Kreme. The Krispy Kreme workers were wonderful, taking care of everybody involved in the accident. They deserve a big rave. Also a big rave to the Metro Ambulance service that arrived. They took very good care of the older woman and her grandchild. But they didn't ask us if we needed any help. So they get a rant and a rave.

THIS IS A rant for all the selfish country bumpkins who don't welcome newcomers or change. You need new jobs so you don't feel threatened of your own. This is 2004 and still the land of the free. So wake up and get it together.

THIS IS A rave for the next president of the United States - John Kerry. It is so refreshing to have a candidate with the insight to see Republicans for what they really are: a bunch of crooked liars.


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