Originally created 02/29/04

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

WOULD OUR fabulous Richmond County Board of Education please justify paying anybody, not only Dr. Larke, $824.56 a day for unused vacation time when our school system is broke and we have to buy supplies for our children and there are no books for classes? Please help us in Richmond County.

THIS IS A RAVE for Dr. Charles Larke. I think he's doing a good job as superintendent. A rant to the people complaining about him getting the money he has worked for and deserves. I don't know why people think he should not get his vacation pay when other people either take their vacation or get their vacation pay. It takes a very talented person to be superintendent. It is a lot of responsibility that a lot of people couldn't handle or wouldn't want to try to handle. The man is entitled to the money owed to him, so I don't know what the problem is.

EVEN THE POPE takes vacations. What in the world is so important that Charles Larke can't take his? Only in Augusta. Good grief.

What fools we are to keep paying an exorbitant sum to an arrogant imbecile like Charles Larke to guarantee the continued deterioration of the Richmond County school system? He's trying to fill size 12 shoes with size 5 feet. It's time for Augusta to wake up.

A RANT FOR Dr. Larke, who stated that he would not or could not go on vacation because he had to work on so many lawsuits during the summertime. Perhaps if he stopped making closed-door agreements and went on permanent vacation, Richmond County Board of Education would not be involved in so many lawsuits.

ACCORDING TO THE article in Friday's paper, school board President Jeff Padgett cannot produce minutes of the meeting that authorized the one-time payment to Dr. Larke for unused vacation time. If he could produce them, it would be a violation of the school policy. Either way, he should step down.


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