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Change is coming on comics page

Ready to have some fun?

Beginning Monday, The Augusta Chronicle has a revamped entertainment package for Monday-Saturday, with two pages of comics, puzzles and advice.

There are four new comic strips and three puzzles in the package.

Candorville, from cartoonist Darrin Bell, features aspiring writer Lemont Brown and cubicle dweller Susan Garcia. They have a diverse group of friends and give an upbeat, humorous take on issues ranging from racial profiling to poverty.

Bo Nanas, from John Kovaleski, is an offbeat look at the world of the title character, a big-nosed, big eared monkey.

Pearls Before Swine, from cartoonist Stephan Pastis, features Pig, Rat and friends offering caustic, cynical and whimsical looks at the world. The strip, which is carried in more than 100 newspapers, had its origins in a drawing of Rat that Mr. Pastis created one boring day in law school.

Frazz, from Jef Mallet, was a guest strip in The Chronicle in 2003. Its hero is Edwin Frazier, a Renaissance man who works as an elementary school janitor.

The strip has a gentle but sly wit and features a diverse lineup of regulars: Caulfield, a precocious second grader named after J.D. Salinger's hero in Catcher in the Rye; Mr. Burke, Frazz's best friend and the school's best teacher; Mrs. Olsen, the teacher from hell; and Miss Plainwell, Frazz's love interest and first-grade teacher.

Need to wake up your brain in the morning?

Scrabble Grams plays like the board game. Each puzzle has four racks of letters and you try to find a word with the highest score.

Word Warp is a different sort of word puzzle. The object of the puzzle is to determine a word held in common by the clue words. A "+" indicates the location of the common word. For example the common word for +screen, holy+ and +signal is "smoke."

And for the mathematically inclined, there is the Challenger puzzle, a number game that hones addition and subtraction skills.

There are other changes as well.

The crossword puzzle has been moved to the top of the page at the request of readers who found it difficult to work the puzzle when it was at the bottom of the page.

The bridge advice column will be easier to find as it moves from the classified section to the comics page.

And, advice columns Annie's Mailbox on Mondays and Fridays, Senior Forum on Tuesdays, Parent to Parent on Wednesdays, Pet World on Thursdays and The God Squad on Saturdays, also will be found on the comics pages.

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