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Grandmother's Baby Shower is inappropriate, shows bad taste

Dear Carson: Have you ever heard of a "Grandmother's Baby Shower"? This is for gifts to be given to the grandmother to have at her home. Included in the invitation is where the grandmother has registered and that gift certificates are available. This is a professional woman who is not in need. I am just curious if this is a new trend and perfectly OK, or are her friends really being put in an awkward position to attend and purchase gifts for her. - Just Curious

Dear Curious: The Grandmother's Baby Shower takes greed and entitlement to a whole new level. Someone needs to tell Grandma that she needs to wise up to the fact that her party is not only inappropriate, but in extremely bad taste.

Dear Carson: I am trying to find out the proper business protocol for a ribbon cutting to celebrate the remodeling of our office space. Is the ribbon simply held up and someone cuts it or should it include a bow? Thanks for your help. - Ribbon-Cutting Rules

Dear Ribbon: There is no set format for ribbon-cutting ceremonies. However, a ribbon usually extends from Point A to Point B. In your office, the ribbon should probably extend across the entrance and should be cut by the boss, his wife, the company president or someone else held in high esteem by your organization. A short speech should be made, the ribbon cut in the middle and a ceremony with light refreshments. If you want to include bows they might be at either end, i.e. Point A and Point B.

Dear Carson: In trying to help my granddaughter, who is 19, better understand some of the gracious ways of entertaining, I decided to do a little research on charger plates. Thanks for any information you provide. - Gracious Grandma

Dear GG: Oversized service plates or "chargers" are placed on the table before any of the courses are served. The appetizer, salad or soup plates are placed on top of them, but are removed before the main course is served. My personal opinion is that they are a whole lot of unnecessary work for a hostess unless she has a couple of servers to assist her. In today's world they are pretty, but a little on the ostentatious side.

Dear Carson: Can you please advise me as to what are the proper initials for a married woman to use for a monogram on a pendant? Is it first, middle and last name or first, maiden and married initials? - Initial Inquiry

Dear Inquiry: A married woman's monogram would be first name initial, married name initial, and to the right, the maiden name initial.

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