Originally created 02/28/04

Aiken County's last Civil War son dies

Jacob Perron Garvin, 91, of Wagener, the last direct descendant of a Civil War veteran in Aiken County, died Thursday evening.

Mr. Garvin, son of a Confederate soldier, will be laid to rest Sunday at Bethcar Baptist Church, in Wagener.

Mr. Garvin was the son of Jacob Aron Garvin, who was a private in Gunter Company I of the 20th South Carolina Infantry, who died in 1932 at 86.

Mr. Garvin had been one of only six other surviving sons in South Carolina and 98 nationally.

"It's a sad day when you lose a 'real' son," said Eugene Barron, former commander and current treasurer of the Brig. Gen. Barnard E. Bee Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1575. "He was our last living link to a Confederate veteran because he actually talked to a Confederate veteran."

Mr. Garvin was a member of Camp 1575, having traced his family history back one generation instead of four or five generations to find an ancestor who fought in the Civil War. His father's infantry company was composed of men from Aiken County who lived along the North Edisto River and fought at the battles of Charleston, S.C., Petersburg, Va., and Bentonville, N.C.

Known for the home-grown vegetables he brought to farmers markets in Aiken and Augusta, he was already making plans for this year's crop, his daughter Dee Outlaw said. She lives on the 20-acre pond and woods where her father farmed, fished and lived for his entire life.

"He loved camping in the mountains and at the seashore. He didn't get a bicycle until he was 70 years old and rode it on the beach with a little dog riding in the basket on the front," Mrs. Outlaw said. "He was a great storyteller."


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